Libelle launches first exclusive digital magazine

Libelle has launched a wonderful new app, a renewed site and its first exclusive digital magazine. The magazine experience is extraordinary in this online edition because of the extra features, such as surprising content and the podcast ‘The Vagina Dialogues’.

Libelle has been an influential brand for years with a monthly reach of more than 4 million people. The new app includes all articles and sections of the weekly magazine, supplemented with many extras: exclusive content, videos, follow-up stories and podcasts. Relevant and up-to-date daily. This brings even more life to the brand Libelle.

Hilmar Mulder, editor-in-chief of Libelle, about all the innovations: “Until now, a digital magazine was a functional product: mostly a pdf of the printed version. That really had to change. With the new Libelle app, we have managed to achieve the optimal mix of design, content and inspiration. Readers will find the familiar ‘print feeling’, but now with many more features. I’m also happy that our site has been restyled and now feels like the Libelle of today: the place for every woman to be. I’ll just mention a few features: she can expect her daily dose of royalty news, personal stories and the most diverse vlogs.”

Andrew Gerssen, Area Manager of Selectives: “The digital transformation of Libelle was one of the biggest projects for DPG Media in recent months. It is impressive how much has been achieved by the many teams involved in this transformation. The drive and determination of everyone to make this a success is what sets DPG Media apart from its competitors. This is just the beginning of a new digital Libelle. But what a great start it is, if I may say so. Through the strong collaboration between editorial, development, product and marketing, we have been able to put out a new digital product that feels fresh, relevant and truly Libelle.”

High-profile content in the app
In addition to this new reading experience, Libelle also offers content produced exclusively for this platform, such as videos with cooking tips from Yvette van Boven and famous Dutch people interviewed by Iris van Lunenburg. Also the stimulating podcast ‘The Vagina Dialogues’, in which the female genitalia is taken out of the ‘intimate area’, can be listened to on The app with all the brand new content can be downloaded from the Android or Apple stores. The optimal reading experience for the magazine experience is on a tablet.

Joyce Nieuwenhuijs, Director Magazines of DPG Media, about this digital transformation: “I am extremely proud of the team that worked hard for months to realize this wonderful new digital product. Libelle, as the largest media brand for women, has had an important place in the lives of its readers for 85 years. We see that women still need relaxation and a moment for themselves, which Libelle offers them. But the way they consume content is changing. With our digital magazine, app and site, we are responding to this and can now be even more relevant in the lives of Libelle readers. I believe in a sustainable future for brands like Libelle, where print and digital work together really well. This launch is the start of sustainable digitalization of our magazine brands.”

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