Fix the Glitch Challenge for Qmusic

The digital world is full of glitches, but the (radio)show must go on, and news has to be spread to millions of consumers through dozens of websites and apps of DPG Media, daily. With the Fix the Glitch challenge, we give you a taste of what it’s like to work at DPG Media.

Glitches in the code of DPG Media sites

In the ‘Fix the Glitch challenge’, a specially designed interactive website, the challenge is to spot and fix glitches in the code of different sites. In other words: if you know what to fix, you know how to build. So can you spot and fix the glitches?

You can now spot and fix the glitches on the Qmusic site. More surprising glitches at other DPG Media brands will follow soon. These challenges are based on real glitches that the IT talents of DPG Media encounter during their daily work. Think of challenges at the sites or apps of Het Laatste Nieuws,, VTM, de Volkskrant, Independer, Libelle, Joe, AD, vtwonen, Donald Duck or Nationale Vacaturebank.

IT talents at DPG Media

Because in all honesty, the above brands are at the mercy of the proverbial gods without DPG Media’s digital (IT) talents. With more than 500 developers, business analysts, and scrum masters, we work on the digital platforms of DPG Media. And thus contribute to the media consumption of millions of readers, viewers, and listeners.

So have a look at our Fix the Glitch challenge and see if you can fix them all!



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