Data mesh at DPG Media

  • A central team of highly specialized data engineers has become a bottleneck in delivering all data products we want to build
  • It is hard to make choices on priorities for the data team: “who do you enable first, advertising or marketing?”
  • It’s impossible for 30 data engineers to understand all applications being built by 600 IT professionals to serve 7000 employees and reach 8 million people on a daily basis.
  • A purpose is owned by a company director
  • A product is owned by a product owner in the relevant domain
  • As the product owner is most likely someone without deep data knowledge, the technical ownership resides with a data engineer
  1. Clarify everything around the budget and
  2. Widely implement this central vision as of early 2022.
  • Introduce the last missing component from a technological point of view (I was not going to speak architecture)
  • Identify current data products and assign owners and domains to do it
  • Define the first set of data quality and data governance rulings and enable them
  • Identify budget impact from moving people throughout the organization
  • Identify and be able to measure the budget impact of moving the usage of data tools throughout the organization
  • Build relevant data communities
  1. The first one is a more typical guild set-up where people can learn from each other across domain borders in the technical usage of data engineering tools, data science models, …
  2. The second one is focused on having communities of experts who can assist multiple departments with their knowledge of tools (like self-service visualization tools).
  3. Next to that we also bring data governance communities to live. One more from a data steward perspective (the product owners), one more from a data governance implementation perspective (technical owners).



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