Written with passion by Petra van Veen — Scrum Master Freemium DPG Media

Imagine this: you are tossing and turning in bed at night, you cannot sleep, and you think: ‘let’s check the news, again.’ You scroll through your favorite news app, read about what silly stuff Trump has done now and when those Covid vaccines will really be available and let’s not forget, the latest gossip in Showbiz. Suddenly you get a punch from your partner asking if you please want to turn off the damn light. Okay fine. You put away your phone and continue staring at the ceiling.

But what if there was another way?


At the request of many, many users: we released the Dark Mode feature in our Freemium apps. And on request of our Marketing colleague Peter Van Hoecke: what better day to introduce this dark feature than Black Friday! Ghehe well found.

So from today on, anyone with the latest version of the HLN, 7sur7, and all ADR news apps can view the app in dark mode. Side note, login is required for this feature at HLN.

The biggest advantages of Dark Mode?

Hello darkness, my old friend! :-)

Brought to you by DPG Media, engineering — many thanks to all of you who contributed to this product!

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