What to expect from FLEDGE

Written by Simon Harris, Trading Desk and Media Performance Director at DPG Media

Google will stop supporting third-party cookies in its Chrome browser. With its Privacy Sandbox, Google is working on a privacy-friendly alternative. Simon Harris shares his insights on the latest development in this area: FLEDGE.

When Google announced the Privacy Sandbox in August 2019, it was a set of proposals to replace third-party cookies in online advertising. At the time, it was ideas rather than ready-to-implement code.

Since then, we have seen counter-proposals from Independent AdTech companies, slow progress during discussions at the W3 Consortium, and little progress…

Lambda cold starts are a non-issue, or at least they should be

Written by Gert Leenders, AWS Cloud Solution Architect at DPG Media

I’m stating the obvious when I say that Lambda cold starts are a popular topic for discussion. DPG Media is no exception to that. I already spend quite some time on cold start discussions at DPG Media’s coffee corner. So why not write it down, right?

Quite often, I hear people complain about Lambda cold starts. Frequently this results in hours of discussion and a time-consuming quest for an answer. For me, Lambda cold starts are just a non-issue, or at least they should be. …

The advantages of knowing multiple programming languages

A plea by Gert Leenders, AWS Cloud Solution Architect at DPG Media

Here’s my statement: I’m convinced that every programmer should know more than one programming language. In other words, when it comes to programming languages, a developer should be a Polyglot.

At DPG Media we have an IT Handbook — our little IT bible ;-) A key part of the handbook is standards; standards help us improve interchangeability within the company and between teams. One of the primers is about the languages DPG Media embraces — languages that the development teams support and of which we have a huge…

Written by CIO Platform Nederland, the association for the CIO/CDO

As DPG Media we quickly switched to central PMO management in an agile environment. We like to share our approach so that maybe you can take advantage of the learnings and challenges.

On Thursday, November 19, more than 40 members from the CEG’s agile and portfolio management were participants during the session “Portfolio management meets Agile.” A session in which Katelijne Molenaar (Platform Manager DPG Media), Dirk van Moorsel (Manager Mission Control DPG Media), and Remmelt Beckers (IT Strategy Executive DPG Media) from DPG Media shared their most recent experiences…

Proudly written by Wannes Rosiers — Area Manager Data @ DPG Media

At DPG Media, we have divided our IT department into areas. In an area, multiple teams are working together on one platform or product. One of those areas is brand new, as they are focusing on a brand new product and product proposition. At DPG Media, we think: A new team asks for:

Image for post
Image for post

Although we do not want to tell too much about the new product, it’s worth mentioning that it is a customer-facing product (web and app) including some machine learning magic. …

Written with passion by Petra van Veen — Scrum Master Freemium DPG Media

Imagine this: you are tossing and turning in bed at night, you cannot sleep, and you think: ‘let’s check the news, again.’ You scroll through your favorite news app, read about what silly stuff Trump has done now and when those Covid vaccines will really be available and let’s not forget, the latest gossip in Showbiz. Suddenly you get a punch from your partner asking if you please want to turn off the damn light. Okay fine. …

Proudly written by Wannes Rosiers — Area Manager Data @ DPG Media

This post is dedicated out of gratitude to Erik Dolstra, Mathias Lavaert, Genzo Vandervelden, Vladislav Bakayev, and a few of our stakeholders who have managed to set up a production environment in less than one day!

Reports and their impact on morning rituals today Almost all Business Intelligence (cloud) reports at DPG Media are currently built on top of Redshift, AWS’s analytical database. Yet it lacks a few features which our consumers desire, namely: 1. Ease of performance tuning — definitely regarding performance impact of concurrent users 2…

Proudly written by Joris Baan (@jsbaan) — ML Engineer @ DPG Media

With roughly a thousand news articles published by journalists at DPG Media every day, it is a challenge to bring the right articles to the right readers at the right time. An important role of newspapers is to optimally inform readers, balancing between providing news that interests readers, news that provides alternate views or opinions, and news that editors believe readers have to know. Welcome to the world of news personalization.

Image for post
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Example of our personalized push notifications

News personalization is an exciting space, both in terms of engineering and machine learning. It is also very socially relevant due to concerns about filter bubbles and privacy. In this blog post, I will talk about how we use machine learning at DPG Media to get the right content to the right users at the right time. There are many products in which personalization can materialize (e-mail, “for you” sections on websites, etc.). In this post, I will discuss news recommendation in the form of personalized push notifications…

Proudly written by Gert Leenders, AWS Cloud Solution Architect at DPG Media.

Although I’m a firm believer in Immutable Infrastructure, sometimes it’s just handy to quickly log into an instance to try something out or to do some troubleshooting. In that scenario, the easiest way to get remote shell access on Linux is through SSH (while its Window’s counterpart relies on RDP for that purpose).

Technically this means that you need to allow inbound traffic on port 22 (for SSH) or 3389 (for RDP) on your remote host (if you use the standard ports).


The problem I have with opening inbound ports on security groups is that this always involves risks. So whenever I can avoid opening an inbound port, I’ll prefer that solution.

This article is about picking the best way for secure shell access to an AWS EC2 instance by offering a solution to enable Secure Access without opening any extra ports.

What are the options?

Before diving deeper into the topic, let’s go over the available options for Secure Shell access on AWS first. In this case, I see three options:

  1. Good old…

Proudly written by Gert Leenders (AWS Cloud Solution Architect at DPG Media)

Let’s face it, whenever you use AWS, inevitably, one day, you will need access to the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI). And although a single account setup is pretty straightforward, a secure setup with SAML, AWS STS using an Identity Provider (IDP) for multiple accounts is far more complex.

As an answer to this problem, IDP’s often provide tools to access a cloud provider securely.

This article focuses on AWS as the cloud provider and on OneLogin as the IDP to get proper access to the AWS CLI.

Hey, now, wait a minute: IDP, OneLogin,… what are you talking about?

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